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What is Sand Wrestling?
Last Update: May 1st, 2015

The "Upcoming Events" page has seen a lot of tournaments being added recently. If you haven't seen it in awhile, check it out. New events are always being added, especially in the United States during this part of the year. Best of luck to all athletes, coaches, referees, athletic directors, and everyone else involved with making this version of wresting one of the fastest growing sports around the world.

Last Update" March 2nd, 2015

We have just updated the currently announced Sand Wrestling (Beach Wrestling) competitions for 2015. Check it out by clicking on the "Upcoming Events" tab. Rob has also added a new blog entry, entitled "The Equipment Checklist" for athletic clubs and organizations who are interested in hosting a Sand Wrestling contest, but unsure on what equipment they will need.

Last Update: February 2nd, 2015

United World Wrestling (UWW) has recently revised the rules of Beach (Sand) Wrestling for 2015. For more information, read their press release which is available on the following link: Some of the changes that are made include the following:

-The first wrestler to score 3 points is the winner (instead of 2)
-The size of the wrestling ring has been increased from 6 meters to 7 meters (increased from 20 feet to 23 feet)
-Takedowns are used for scoring, eliminating the "Sumo-touch"
-A takedown and push-out is worth one point, and two points can be earned with a takedown that includes exposing the opponent's back to the sand. Pins are no longer end a match, but fall under the category of a 2 point move.

This is our intrepretation of the rules, and this adjustment from UWW clarifies a lot of ambiguities that has caused inconsistancy of the applied rules between different competitions. Co-webmaster Rob offers further insight to the new modifications to the rules on his wrestling blog.

In other news, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) has publically released that they will not be sanctioning Sand Wrestling as a spring sport at this time. While there are dozens of states who are, at least at some level, considering offering Sand Wrestling as a sport to their student-athletes, this is the first press release that has confirmed that one state has had consideration in the matter. We strongly encourage students to contact their State High School Athletic Association if they would love to see Sand Wrestling offered to them as an official high school sport. To read the article, follow this link: OHSAA Committee Meeting.

Within the week, we will be making more updates to the Upcoming Events schedule. If you have an event you would like to share, or know of an upcoming event, don't hesitate to contact us. Some of the highlight events already announced in the United States for 2015 include:

-USA Wrestling National Championships, Carolina Beach, North Carolina, May 30th
-North American Championships, Virginia Beach, Virginia, June 6th-7th
-Michigan State Championships, Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 11th
-State Games of America, Lincoln, Nebraska, July 28th- August 2nd

We will also be adding internatinal events to our schedule. Currently, the UWW World Championships are tentatively slated for June 10th-12th, although the location is still to be determined.

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Sand Wrestling (also known as Beach Wrestling) has been an established International Style of amateur wrestling since 2005, yet is regarded by wrestling associations around the world as the oldest version of mankind's oldest sport. The idea of wrestling on mats is relatively new compared to the history of wrestling, occuring just over 100 years ago in a sport that has a rich tradition spanning thousands of years. The soft sand texture is an ideal competative surface that provides the opportunity to rediscover wrestling's past.

​While each contest may vary slightly with the rules, the basic concept is to win the match by scoring 3 points. One point is awarded when you push your opponent out-of-bounds OR when you score a takedown. Two points are awarded when your opponent's back touches the sand. Matches have a time limit of 3 minutes.

​The easy to understand rules of Sand Wrestling allows anyone to compete, even if they are not seasoned wrestlers. It also captures the attention of spectators, who can easily follow the action. At the same time, the shifting of the sand increases the difficulty of wrestling in the stand-up (neutral) position. Contests feature multiple age and gender divisions, and each division is segmented by weight classes. A growing number of organizations (wrestling clubs, other athletic groups, and nonprofit organizations) are implementing Sand Wrestling tournaments as a fundraising effort, in addition to offering their local community another fun-silled activity. It's no wonder why the emerging sport of Sand Wrestling is quickly becoming popular around the globe.

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