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What is Sand Wrestling?

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Here's a recap on the international rules implemented by United World Wrestling (UWW) back in January of 2015:

-The first wrestler to score 3 points is the winner (instead of 2)
-The size of the wrestling ring has been increased from 6 meters to 7 meters (increased from 20 feet to 23 feet)
-Takedowns are used for scoring, eliminating the "Sumo-touch"
-A takedown and push-out is worth one point, and two points can be earned with a takedown that includes exposing the opponent's back to the sand. Pins are no longer end a match, but fall under the category of a 2 point move.

Here are a few links to various sites containing some amazing pictures, videos, or articles. We will be working on updating the "Video" page to feature matches with the updated rules. Rob should also have a few more blog entries coming very soon. Check back often, and don't forget to like the "Sand Wrestling" page on facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

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Sand Wrestling (also known as Beach Wrestling) has been an established International Style of amateur wrestling since 2005 by United World Wrestling (formerly known as FILA). It is regarded as the oldest version of mankind's oldest sport, reviving the rules of competitive wrestling before the use of wresting mats a little over 100 years ago. The easy-to-understand rules encourages people to try wrestling for the first time and has made this style spectator friendly, along with being held outdoors at the beach, sand pits that are commonly used for volleyball at local parks, and indoor sand-sport facilities. The shifting of the sand increases the difficulty of stand-up wrestling, when compared to mat-style wrestling, encouraging experienced wrestlers who are looking for a challenge to also give this style a try.

There numerous benefits that come with Sand Wrestling, such as the ideal fundraising venture for local clubs while offering their community an exciting event for men and women of all ages. The main purpose of is to promote this style of wrestling by providing information on the sport, share upcoming events, sponsor events through merchandise sales, and help get this style included into the Olympic Games.
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